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Ceramic impeller

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  • Ceramic impeller shaft sleeve J04 coated ceramic shaft sleeve J21 coated ceramic
    Ceramic impeller Ceramic wet parts Ceramic pump parts
    Ceramic pump parts Ceramic impeller and voluter Ceramic impeller


    We also can produce ceramic slurry pump impeller of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide (Si3N4-SiC). Ceramic slurry pump impeller has many excellent characteristics, such as abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.   These parts are continuously used for coal power generation, non-ferrous foundry, mining and other industries.

    The corrosion and wear resistance of ceramic slurry pump parts far exceed those made of high chromium alloys. The abrasive resistance of ceramic (Si3N4-SiC) material is 3.13 times that of Cr15Mo3. However, the weight of Si3N4-SiC material is only 1/3 of that of alloy parts.

    According to a number of key technical requirements such as ceramic material properties, molding processes, heat treatment processes, etc., metal-lined ceramic integral forming structures such as pump body, impellers and liners have been developed.

    In addition, we can also produce ceramic coated stainless steel shaft sleeve with the material code J04, J05, J21, J24, J25, J26, J27, J31.

    Advantages of ceramic slurry pump

    1. Strong Abrasive resistance, the life of wear parts is 3.51 times that of Cr30 wear-resistant alloy;

    2. Excellent chemical stability, suitable for PH0-12 various acid-alkali solvents (except hydrofluoric acid), strong anti-oxidation ability;

    3. The large particles impact resistance with high concentration and certain concentration, some products can challenge the severe wear conditions for a period of time;

    4. Excellent anti-cavitation performance;

    5. Small bulk density, lighter impeller weight and higher efficiency



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