Naipu Pump
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Naipu Pump manufactures slurry pump replacement parts,100% interchangeable with a famous brand in the world.

With more than 30 years mining experience,we can supply suitable material for the clients’ specific requests based on different medium of the pump in different working conditions.

Our main replacement slurry pump parts materials are as follows,

1. High Chrome Cast Iron: NA05,NA49,NA33,NA51,NA61 etc.

2. Rubber: Natural Rubber (NR08,NR26,NR33,NR38,NR55),Synthetic Rubber (NS42,NS44,NS21,NS01,NS02,NS12,NS31 )

3. Polyurethane :U01,U38 etc.

4. Ceramic lining :J04,J05,J21,J24,J25,J26,J27,J31 etc.

5. Stainless Steel: SS304,SS316,SS316L,CD4MCu etc.

6. OEM material such as Hastelloy, Duplex Austenitic-Ferritic,Alloy 20 etc.

7. Gray Iron/Ductile Iron: HT200,HT250,QT500-7 etc.