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Stainless steel pump parts

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For customer's special corrosion resistance solutions, Naipu Pump has developed the addition of stainless steel parts for centrifugal slurry pumps.    The materials of stainless steel slurry pump parts include SS304, SS316, SS316L, CD4MCu, Alloy 20 , Hastelloy  and other alloy . These materials have good resistance for acid and corrosive slurry and good abrasive resistance.Stainless steel parts are commonly used in pumps that handle particularly corrosive applications. Examples include acidic solutions, such as battery acid in recycling plants, and aggressive solutions containing lime in the cement industry. The expanding range of materials for slurry pump parts also includes parts various grades of high-chrome alloys, natural and synthetic rubbers, Gromatex® (a unique elastomer compound that is tougher and more resistant to abrasion than traditional rubber), Titanium, Aluminum and other anti-abrasive & corrosive materials for various applications.
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For customer's special corrosion resistance solutions, Naipu Pump has developed the addition of stainless steel parts for centrifugal slurry pumps.   

The materials of stainless steel slurry pump parts include SS304, SS316, SS316L, CD4MCu, Alloy 20 , Hastelloy  and other alloy . These materials have good resistance for acid and corrosive slurry and good abrasive resistance.

Stainless steel parts are commonly used in pumps that handle particularly corrosive applications. Examples include acidic solutions, such as battery acid in recycling plants, and aggressive solutions containing lime in the cement industry. 

The expanding range of materials for slurry pump parts also includes parts various grades of high-chrome alloys, natural and synthetic rubbers, Gromatex ® (a unique elastomer compound that is tougher and more resistant to abrasion than traditional rubber), Titanium, Aluminum and other anti-abrasive & corrosive materials for various applications.


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